Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

The Only 3-D Scaling Storage Platform for All Data

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)


Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Front view Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Rear view Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Front left view

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (Front)

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (Rear)

The only 3D scaling storage platform for all data

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (Front left)

The only 3D scaling storage platform for all data

  • Virtual Storage Platform is the most intelligent and powerful enterprise storage system in the industry.
  • VSP places the most emphasis on high availability to satisfy the resilience and availability that demanding enterprise applications need.
  • Technology in these virtual storage systems consolidates multivendor storage resources in a single pool of enterprise storage capacity.

Gain Optimal Infrastructure Growth in All Dimensions

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is the only 3-D scaling storage platform designed for all data types. It is the only enterprise storage architecture that flexibly adapts for performance, capacity and multivendor storage. Combined with unique Hitachi Command Suite management software, it transforms the data center.

  • 3-D scaling goes up, out and deep.
  • Scale up by dynamically adding resources to a control chassis to provide the highest performance for both open and mainframe environments.
  • Scale out by dynamically combining multiple control chassis into a logical system with shared resources to support increased demand in virtualized server environments.
  • Scale deep by dynamically virtualizing new and existing external storage systems to extend the advanced functions to multivendor storage, offloading less demanding data to external tiers.

Transform Your Data Center with 3-D Scaling

Features and Benefits
  • 3-D scaling gives you optimal infrastructure growth in all dimensions.
  • 3-D management platform efficiently manages all data types for an agile data center.
  • Hitachi Dynamic Tiering automates data placement for higher performance and lower cost.
  • Nondisruptive migration and host-transparent technology refresh can be executed in days.
  • Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage, custom-designed enterprise class solid-state storage gives you leading performance, lower cost and improved endurance.

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