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TrueCopy Synchronous Remote Replication

Speed Business Recovery Across Metro Distances

  • Provides a continuous, nondisruptive, host-independent remote data-replication solution for data protection, disaster recovery, or data migration purposes.
  • Enables immediate and verified data replication within distances up to 300 km (186 miles).
  • Replicates between any storage systems within a virtualized storage pool managed by Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform, Hitachi Unified Storage VM, or Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000.

Ideal for the Most Critical Situations

Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication software is ideal for the most critical data situations when replication and backup of saved data are important. For both Hitachi midrange and enterprise storage families, this software addresses these challenges with immediate real-time and robust replication capabilities.
TrueCopy Remote Replication software can be deployed with Hitachi Universal Replicator software's asynchronous replication capabilities to provide advanced data replication among multiple data centers.

In addition, TrueCopy Remote Replication software can be integrated with Hitachi ShadowImage Replication software to enable robust business-continuity solutions. This lets you create a remote copy of primary site or production data that is automatically updated for executing test and development tasks, or for operations against production data.

Features and Benefits


  • Synchronous replication up to 300 km (186 miles).
  • Fibre Channel connectivity and 1GB/s iSCSI addressable (requires supported multiprotocol router or channel extenders).
  • Up to 4,094 replication pairs.
  • Up to 16 consistency groups per subsystem.


  • Provides identical copy replication over remote distances, which ensures data protection and integrity.
  • Enables integrated and centralized host-independent data replication for a wide range of operating environments, including virtualization.
  • Improves business resilience and continuity by enabling disaster recovery testing with online production data.
  • Minimizes operational disruption of planned maintenance or unplanned outage events.



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