Hitachi ShadowImage Replication software

Host-independent, Nondisruptive Volume Replication

  • Provides high-speed, nondisruptive, full-volume, RAID-protected local mirroring and point-in-time capabilities for Hitachi storage platforms.
  • Ideal for either open systems or mainframe environments.
  • Enables nearly instant point-in-time recovery from data corruption or data loss compared to non-disk based solutions, such as tape- or vault-based recovery.

Full Data Replication Solution

Hitachi ShadowImage Replication software is a nondisruptive, host-independent, data-replication solution for creating copies of any IT administrator-accessible data within a single Hitachi storage system. ShadowImage Replication also maintains the availability of host applications by enabling backup operations to run concurrently while business or production applications are online.

Features and Benefits


  • Provides high-speed, nondisruptive, full-volume local mirroring technology with quick restore capability.
  • Creates RAID-protected point-in-time copies and allows full recovery without affecting live production environments.
  • Easily splits mirrored data volumes from the primary data source without impact to host applications.
  • Consistency group function enables replication in unison across multiple data volumes.
  • Allows simultaneous splitting of multiple replicated volume pairs.


  • Shortens application or database restart and recovery times from data loss with point-in-time copies.
  • Allows for creation and cascade of data copies across a single data volume or multiple data volumes.
  • Dramatically reduces data recovery time with a quick-restore feature, which allows an immediate restore to a disk-based recovery point.
  • Replicates large data volumes without impacting service levels, timing out, or affecting performance levels.
  • Facilitates data sharing and migration, when used with Hitachi TrueCopy or Hitachi Universal Replicator software, for decision making, testing and development, and data analysis.


Technical Papers



"… We decided to promote integrated disk management and introduction of internal data replication function."
— Park Kyeong-jeon, IT Manager, Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives (KFCC)

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