Hitachi Tuning Manager

Optimize Business Application Storage Performance

  • Apply intelligent, path-aware monitoring, reporting and analysis, from application to networked storage resources.
  • Identify, isolate and diagnose storage performance bottlenecks.
  • Use historical trending, proactive monitoring and integrated alerts for predictive performance and capacity planning.

Improve Performance and Increase Utilization

Tuning Manager software maps, monitors and analyzes performance, from application to logical storage devices. Its end-to-end visibility identifies, isolates and diagnoses performance bottlenecks for applications such as:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint®, and SQL Server®
  • IBM® DB2®

Top Features and Benefits

  • Improves storage performance by correlating and analyzing storage systems, virtual-storage machines, servers, and applications.
  • Efficient performance management optimizes shared storage resources.
  • Reduces delay and downtime due to performance issues by monitoring a comprehensive set of metrics.
  • Notifies you when performance or capacity thresholds have been exceeded.
  • Lowers costs by making it possible to postpone storage-infrastructure purchases.

Find Out How to Improve Storage Performance

Features and Benefits


  • In-depth performance statistics for Hitachi storage systems and all storage-network resources on the application's data path. Integrates storage-performance analytics within Hitachi Command Suite to quickly identify, correlate and diagnose storage-performance bottlenecks.
  • Performance and capacity management for Hitachi virtual-storage machines.
  • Usage analysis for Hitachi Dynamic Tiering and Dynamic Provisioning pools, and Hitachi NAS Platform file servers.
  • Customizable storage-performance reports and alerts for various audiences and needs.
  • Performance correlation of VMware virtual servers and virtual machines with Hitachi storage devices. Maintains storage-system health with continuous system-wide monitoring.
  • Capacity planning and forecasting.


  • Improves storage performance with end-to-end monitoring across storage, SAN, servers and applications.
  • Reduces delay and downtime due to performance issues.
  • Improves application availability using rapid problem identification and isolation.
  • Provides proactive performance monitoring with integrated alerts.
  • Lowers costs by employing accurate forecasting and planning to postpone infrastructure purchases.


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