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Hitachi Dynamic Replicator

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Hitachi Dynamic Replicator


Hitachi Data Replicator

Local Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Eliminate traditional backup window requirements, and increase recovery point objectives to near zero data loss.

  • Heterogeneous replication, physical or virtual environments, enterprise-class clustering and scalability
  • Continuous data protection (CDP)
  • Application-consistent failover and failback

Bridge to a Modern Data Protection Strategy

Meet the strictest Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objective, and improve application availability while lowering costs. Hitachi Dynamic Replicator offers high-value, critical data replication across multiple platforms, servers, applications and arrays with various levels of recovery, for physical and virtual environments. With unique hybrid recovery technology, Dynamic Replicator captures changes to data in real time and offers flexible recovery to any previous point in time or application-consistent point in time. Get fast, reliable recovery even when data is corrupted.

Hitachi Dynamic Replicator gives you a high degree of application integration, network optimization and automated management. See compelling recovery and availability in heterogeneous environments. Hitachi provides rich, full featured replication-based solutions to minimize disruption when upgrading to the latest in Hitachi storage systems.

  • Simplifies and shortens disaster recovery processes by automating application recovery—with non-disruptive tools to test your disaster recovery plan
  • Maximizes flexibility to preserve your existing investments by implementing heterogeneous data replication
  • Lowers administrative costs by automating your disaster recovery operations
  • Minimizes data loss to within minutes by providing remote site data recovery in the event of a disaster
  • Reduces deployment costs by implementing the industry’s most WAN-efficient disaster recovery solution

Scalable, High-value Recovery Solution

  • Learn how Hitachi Data Replicator leverages the advantages of disk-based data protection for recovery that meets local and remote RPOs or RTOs (10 minute demo): Watch or download demo

Features and Benefits
  • Simple, cost-effective disaster recovery solutions for any application that supports long distance requirements using IP-based networks.
  • Disaster recovery capabilities for clustered and mission critical applications.
  • Faster and more reliable data and application recovery through automated policy-based software solutions.
  • Granular recovery capabilities to support the most stringent RPO and RTO requirements through the use of a unique hybrid recovery technology.
  • Near instant restore of servers and applications.
  • Preservation of existing investments in other data protection products and processes; single solution supports heterogeneous servers and storage.
  • Variable data retention of fewer application points for older data.
  • Transparent replication to applications and file systems.
  • New tools include expanded and flexible methods for DR testing without disrupting primary servers or pausing replication.

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