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Improve Application Access to Critical Data

Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) Software


Hitachi Command Suite - Integrated Management Framework Storage Service Catalog

Hitachi Command Suite:

Integrated management framework for your data infrastructure

Storage Service Catalog

Storage Services Accelerate Provisioning Operations.

  • Simplify management to streamline application availability, performance and access to critical data.
  • Unify management across all Hitachi storage systems and data types; achieve the best return on storage assets and minimize management operational costs.
  • Use efficient and automated management practices for virtualized storage, even with limited staff resources, and build a sustainable foundation for future growth.

Simplify Management to Lower Costs

Hitachi Command Suite gives you a shared management framework for advanced data management so you can easily align storage to the changing needs of your business applications.

Give Your Applications Better Access Now

Features and Benefits


  • Common, shared management across all Hitachi storage systems and data types.
  • Central management of Hitachi global storage virtualization and virtual storage machines.
  • Integrated management encompassing 6 strategic management areas:
    • Control: Simplify management complexities.
    • Analyze: Gain insight to improve performance and resource utilization.
    • Optimize: Properly align business applications to the appropriate storage resources.
    • Protect: Improve business continuity while reducing risks.
    • Gain intelligence: Enable visibility across virtualized storage environments to ensure that application service levels are met.
    • Automate: Storage provisioning automation improves resource utilization and administrative productivity.
  • Accelerated storage provisioning for new applications and reduced over provisioning.
    • Easily match storage attributes to business application requirements to improve service levels.
    • Gain essential management functions for heterogeneous storage resources in a virtualized storage environment.
  • Common GUI, task workflows and data repositories using agentless technology.
  • Shared logical group constructs to organize application data and storage resources related to business entities.
  • Quick identification and troubleshooting of storage availability and performance problems.


  • Improves storage availability and performance.
    • Ensures that storage service levels for critical business applications are being met.
  • Reduces costs.
    • Maximizes storage return on investment.
    • Improves storage utilization rates.
  • Simplifies management operations and accelerates deployment.
    • Automates repetitive management tasks.
    • Controls and reduces risks.
  • Lets administrators manage more storage capacity.


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