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Hitachi Command Director

Intelligence for Informed Storage Management

Hitachi Command Director Software


Hitachi Command Director Software

Ensure Application Storage Service Levels

Ensure service levels for critical applications.

  • See business application-focused reporting across Command Suite
  • Meet storage service levels for business applications
  • Enhance application performance and storage system health

Service-Level Management for Critical Applications

  • Monitor, analyze and meet application-specific service-level objectives by capacity, performance and tier.
  • Improve capacity utilization and planning by monitoring key storage-analytic metrics.
  • Manage across block, file, and unified Hitachi storage.
  • Create custom, near real-time dashboards to properly monitor application service-level agreements and storage system health.
  • Efficiently troubleshoot application service-level violations to quickly resolve performance bottlenecks.

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Features and Benefits


  • Business-oriented application views for Hitachi data infrastructure.
  • Define and monitor storage service-level objectives by business application including capacity, response time, IOPS, transfer rates, reads, and writes.
  • Service-level profiles automate the definition of application-based storage service-level objectives.
  • Monitor usage statistics from across the Hitachi Command Suite management products.
  • Automated alerts when service-level thresholds are exceeded.
  • Agentless design to speed deployments.
  • Block-and-file storage performance trending and correlation.


  • Ensures that storage service-level agreements for critical business application are met.
  • Aligns IT assets with applications and business functions.
  • Lowers operating costs through centralized monitoring.
  • Improves asset utilization, planning, and storage return on investment.
  • Increases service-level compliance for applications.
  • Enhances system reliability and health through early problem detection.


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