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Business Continuity Manager

Replication Automation and Management for IBM® z/OS®

  • Centralize management of Hitachi ShadowImage®, TrueCopy®, and Universal Replicator replication software for IBM z/OS environments
  • Automate standard or frequent replication tasks across the entire replication deployment, including management of remote disaster recovery sites
  • Achieve integration with your IBM z/OS mainframe, while achieving financial investment protection

Replication Solutions for IBM® z/OS®

Hitachi Business Continuity Manager software provides Centralize, enterprise-wide management of Hitachi replication solutions for IBM® z/OS® mainframe environments. The software uses a single consistent interface based on familiar full screen TSO/ISPF (Time Sharing Option/Interactive System Productivity Facility) GUI panels. Business Continuity Manager software automates Hitachi Universal Replicator, Hitachi ShadowImage® In-System Replication and Hitachi TrueCopy® Remote Replication software operations.

Hitachi Business Continuity Manager interfaces with Hitachi Replication Manager to provide the management framework for orchestrating mainframe-based replication monitoring, automation and business continuity tasks.

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Features and Benefits


  • Real time, enterprise-wide view of all replication object status
  • Auto discover replication objects
  • Define and create copy groups
  • Automatic notice of key system event completion, such as pair state transitions, timeout thresholds and more


  • Enables management of remote disaster recovery sites and centralized management of Hitachi replication software (ShadowImage, TrueCopy, or Universal Replicator)
  • Greatly decreases or eliminates manual entry errors while streamlining replication management
  • Dramatically reduces recovery time by automating complex disaster recovery and planned outage functions
  • Create automation extensions with familiar REXX programming language


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