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Hitachi Basic Operating System V

Hitachi Basic Operating System V

Enable External Storage Virtualization


External Storage Virtualization
External storage virtualization for Hitachi enterprise storage systems

  • Unique ability to virtualize externally attached storage subsystems
  • Enables creation of additional cache and storage partitions
  • Integrates legacy and low cost storage for reduced costs

Virtualizes Externally Attached Storage

Hitachi Basic Operating System V is an upgrade add-on to Hitachi Basic Operating System. It unlocks the unique embedded virtualization layer of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform, Hitachi Universal Storage Platform® V and Universal Storage Platform VM. It enables support for externally attached storage. This increases efficiency, reduces costs, provides data security, improves service levels, meets compliance demands and simplifies the management of a single pool of heterogeneous storage. It also expands Virtual Storage Platform cache partitions and Universal Storage Platform V and VM virtual cache and storage partitions from 4 to 32.

  • Enables deployment of multi-tiered storage
  • Integrates heterogeneous systems
  • Consolidates and rationalizes storage and storage management points
  • Creates new opportunities based on enhanced capability of thin provisioning, business continuity software and advanced management tools to external storage devices

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Features and Benefits
  • Includes Universal Volume Manager, which enables the virtualization of external storage
  • Enables deployment of multitiered storage
  • Integrates heterogeneous systems and lower cost, midrange storage
  • Creates a common pool of storage using virtualization
  • Consolidates and rationalizes storage and storage management points
  • Enables dynamic allocation of capacity and storage quality of service (QoS) to applications as needed
  • Enhances data mobility for easy and transparent data migration
  • Creates new opportunities based on enhanced capability of existing business continuity software and management tools that extend to external storage devices
  • Upgrades BOS software from 4 to 32 cache partitions on VSP from 4 to 32 cache or storage partitions on USP V and from 4 to 16 cache or storage partitions on USP VM
  • Improves the ability to deliver storage QoS tailored to business application requirements
  • Isolates and segments server and application cache usage to ensure QoS

  • A wide range of certified external storage systems are supported as external storage behind Hitachi enterprise storage systems. Click here to see the list: Supported external storage

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