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Hitachi Universal Management Software

Universal Management Aligns to Your Business

Hitachi Universal Management Software


Universal Management Software

Universal Management Software


Efficiently and effectively align data and IT assets with business objectives and service levels.

Gain Intelligence and the ability to Control, Analyze, Optimize, and Protect data holistically and strategically.

Align your business with Hitachi Command Suite.

Platform OS: Basic Operating System (BOS), Basic Operating System V

Universal Management
Hitachi Command Suite
  • Meet Service Level Objectives
  • Real-time IT business policies
  • Manage from virtually anywhere
  • Unify all data types
  • Agile deployment
  • Maximize, simplify
  • Gain insight
  • Improve performance and utilization
  • Avoid problems
  • Lower costs, improve ROI
  • Gain efficiency
  • Align resources/apps
  • Reduce risks
  • Business continuity
  • High availability

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