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Hitachi Data Ingestor

Elastic, Backup-Free Cloud File Serving

Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI)


Single Node VMware Appliance Remote Server

Single Node

Also available as a 2-node cluster.

VMware Appliance

A Software only version for VMware

Remote Server

Remotely provisioned and managed with HCP Anywhere.

  • Elastic and backup-free storage solution for distributed users and cloud consumers.
  • Native file system access (CIFS and NFS) into centralized cloud infrastructures.
  • Wide range of advanced features for simplified, centralized, and automated storage management.

Integrated Edge-to-core Storage Solution

Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) is an elastic and backup-free cloud on-ramp and filer. HDI combined with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) and HCP Anywhere offers seamlessly scalable and backup-free file service for remote offices, branch offices, and cloud storage users. HDI provides a standard connection, or on-ramp, into the core data center without requiring application recoding and without changing the way users interact with storage today. Because HDI acts as a caching device, it gives users and applications seemingly endless storage and a host of newly available capabilities. These features reduce management time and cost by eliminating the need to constantly manage capacity, utilization, and performance of the system.

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Features and Benefits

Top features and benefits:

  • Content sharing and roaming home directories enable simplified access and management across different sites.
    • Deploy a wide-area content distribution framework.
  • Data protection and file restore.
    • No need for tape backup.
    • Data security and encryption.
    • Retrieve previous versions of a file as well as deleted files.
    • Maintain file and directory access control.
  • Automated migration.
    • Easily transition from NAS and Windows Servers to HDI.


  • Simple, low-touch provisioning and management of remote servers.
  • Data movement from distributed environments into centralized core infrastructures.
  • Maintains a local copy of frequently used files and links to older content for fast retrieval.
  • Wide range of advanced storage features for simplified, automated and centralized management.
    • Content sharing across a network of HDI systems.
    • File restore.
    • NAS migration.
  • Support for leading WAN acceleration solutions for WAN optimization and data compression and deduplication over the WAN.


  • Reduces costs.
    • Eliminates backups at the edge by providing a highly available on-ramp into a centralized storage solution and taking advantage of robust storage management capabilities.
    • Reduces the overall IT footprint and delivers various storage services from a single infrastructure.
    • Improves efficiency and utilization by consolidating distributed silos.
  • Reduces complexity.
    • Simplifies and speeds onboarding of new users or applications and time-to-market for cloud services.
    • Easily adapts to changes in scale, adopts new storage technologies, and mitigates the impact of infrastructure changes.
    • Monitors, reports, and audits usage with built-in tools.
  • Reduces risk.
    • Automates management and enforcement of regulatory, governance and data lifecycle policies.
    • Secures and protects content with encryption, WORM, replication, RAID, data integrity checks and more.
    • Supports full integration with Active Directory and LDAP.
  • Streamlines cloud deployments and adoption
    • Supports multitenant, multi-namespace environments.

  • 2.4GHz Intel XEON E5620 processors per node
  • 12GB RAM per node
  • 4 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports per node
  • Available as a dual-node or single-node appliance, or on VMware vSphere Hypervisor
Capacity (usable)
  • 4TB
  • Scales to 400 million files per HDI
  • Initial Setup Wizard
  • Management Interface (GUI, SSL)
  • CLI over SSH
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • DFS
Name Services
  • Dynamic mapping between UNIX user and Microsoft Windows user
  • Static Mapping between UNIX user and Windows user
  • DNS
  • Active Directory
  • NIS
Security and Compliance
  • LDAP v3
  • HTTPS for communication with Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) over WAN
  • Aligns with HCP namespaces to enforce access and policy control at the file system level
  • WORM retention support available as an option, using industry standard atime-based interface, or through user-settable auto-commit feature that requires no application programming
  • External Syslog server
  • RADIUS support
  • NDMP v4
  • Backup/Restore via HCP
Protocols supported
  • CIFS SMB1.0 SMB2.0
  • NFSv2, v3, v4
  • FTP
  • Network Link Aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad)
  • Tagged VLAN(IEEE802.1q)
  • Link alternation
Remote Server
M/B Form FactorMini-ITX (6.7"x 6.7")
Dimension (D x W x H)12.2" x 7.87" x10.63"
310 x 200 x 270 (mm)
Drive Bay4 x 3.5" Hot-swap
2 x 2.5"
PSU Form FactorPS/2 Single
Indicator1 x Power Status, 1 x HDD Activity, 1 x Warning LED
Front ControlPower On/Off, System Reset, 2x USB2.0
System SecurityPadlock Loop, Kensington slot
Cooling FanFront: 1x120mm
Slot Opening1x Low Profile
HDD Backplane6Gb/s SATA
Metal Thickness0.7 mm
Net Weight5.45 kg
Gross Weight7.15 kg
Front BezelOption
Volume1.85 cubic feet

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