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Building a Storage Environment for Super-Efficiency: Hitachi Data Systems unifies block, file and object storage with HUS

Technology insight series on building a storage environment for super-efficiency. Hitachi Data Systems unifies block, file and object storage with HUS.

Product Line Card Hitachi Data Systems Software

Go through the product line card and Hitachi Data Systems software for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Family (VSP and VSP G1000) and Hitachi Unified Storage Family (HUS VM and HUS 1000 Series).

A-B-C Strategies for File and Content Solutions: Enable E-discovery

Describes benefits of combining Hitachi file and content solutions to enable cross-platform searches from a single interface.

HNAS Customer Testimonial - Increasing Productivity with HNAS


Hitachi Gains 2PPTS High-End Market Share in CQ307 - Wachovia Capital Markets


Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 Hitachi Thin Image User Guide

Know how to use Hitachi Thin Image to plan, configure and perform pair tasks on a Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000 storage systems in this user guide.

Dynamic IT: The Impact of Virtualization - IDC

Server virtualization has played a prominent role in the growing desire among organizations to transform the entire IT environment.

HCS Customer Testimonial - Hitachi Command Suite


Virtual Infrastructure Implementation

Virtual Infrastructure Implementation Services from Hitachi Data Sytems plan and conduct successful, accelerated deployments of virtualized IT infrastructure.

Hitachi NAS vSphere API for Array Integration Installation Guide Version 12.1

Hitachi NAS vSphere APIs for Array Integration Installation Guide and learn how to install HNAS VAAI plugin, prerequisites, and its verification.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 Mainframe System Administrator Guide Version 02a

Get information and instructions to help you set up Device Manager Storage Navigator for the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000 system in this mainframe system administrator guide version 02a from HDS.

Hitachi Command Suite Compute Systems Manager Installation and Configuration Guide Version 8.1.0

Go through the manual and learn how to install and configure Hitachi Compute Systems Manager (HCSM).

Readme for Network OS v3.0.0_dcb3

Know how to use the Network OS for Brocade 10Gbps DCB switch module in this Readme for Network OS v.3.0.0_dcb3 Appendix for Administrator Guide.

Direct Purchasing Agreement (DPA) - EMEA - Sweden (English)

Direct Purchasing Agreement governs the customer’s purchase of products and/or services from HDS in Sweden.

Hitachi Unified Storage VM Block Module Performance Guide

Go through Hitachi Unified Storage VM block module performance guide that describes instructions for using Hitachi Performance Monitor, Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager, and Hitachi Cache Residency Manager.

Hitachi Deduplication TechFact - Computer Services Co. Sees Data Reduction


HCP TechFact - Insurance Co. Deploys HCP In Private Cloud Environment


The Benefits of Server-Side Flash with VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache and SanDisk FlashSoft on Hitachi Compute Blade 500 Lab Validation Report

Lab Validation Report

5 Steps to Achieve the Flexibility of Public Cloud and the Control of Private Cloud

To run your business effectively in a rapidly changing marketplace, you need the advantage of public and private cloud without the downsides. You need the flexibility. You need the control. Use this checklist to achieve both!

Evaluator Group White Paper: Enhancing Continuous Operations and Data Integrity for Critical Microsoft Applications

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