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Information, Innovation, Social Good

Innovation is the essential engine of positive change, and information is its fuel. Innovate intelligently and you will lead your market, grow your company, and change the world.

With the right information in the right places, your experts make the right decisions to uncover new opportunities. Our strategy helps you discover, analyze, and use data for new competitive advantage.

To help you store, manage, access, search, and correlate your information across different sources, Hitachi Data Systems builds superior information technology and services. We are the trusted partner who helps you innovate with information to make a difference in your world.

We are ready to do our part to help you do your part. Innovate With Information.

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Features and Benefits
  • Business Innovation
    ACW Services in Hong Kong develops cloud-based services for critical business applications and information management. With access to these services through simple subscriptions, the clients of ACW Services can now use sophisticated computing that was unaffordable to them before. This is a significant competitive advantage for these clients, many of whom compete with large multinational corporations that have significant financial resources and sophisticated in-house computing infrastructures. As a result, ACW clients can innovate faster and better to bring to their customers a flow of innovative products and services that was not possible before.
  • Energy Innovation
    Gulf JP generates electricity in Thailand and recognizes the necessity of uninterrupted power for the region's economy. Gulf JP carefully ensures uninterrupted access to their business and process information in order to avoid unexpected outages. Such outages could ruin their customers' industrial processes and shake their confidence in Gulf JP and the region's business climate.
  • Business Innovation
    Illumination Mac Guff, a movie studio in Paris, creates information in the form of movies such as The Lorax. They have developed an agile information management system to support hundreds of artists and render 90TB of computer graphics. The system lets creativity flow faster and makes movies that are closer to the artists' original innovative vision.
  • Health and Life Sciences Innovation
    Saint Elizabeth hospital in Canada reduces administrative work and allows the interaction between their clinicians and their patients to be significantly more personal and effective. To accomplish this result, the hospital innovates with their use of information by making the full breadth of patient health information readily and securely available to mobile and remote clinicians and their patients. This system replaces a more traditional information management system that had severely restricted distribution of information beyond the main hospital building.
  • Education Innovation
    Australia's Saint Ignatius' College has developed an innovative digital education initiative that meets their goal of 1 computer for each student. The college's purpose is to help students become adept with information in all of its forms, including video and other information-rich media.
  • Community Innovation
    The San Francisco 49ers football team keeps its fans and staff safe with information gathered with a state-of-the-art video surveillance system throughout their stadium. With information streaming in from more than 100 video cameras, collection and management of that information can be as difficult as it is necessary. The operations department uses an innovative collection of Internet technologies to keep their eyes on potential trouble and take action in real time or anytime to ensure safety throughout the stadium.
  • Health and Life Sciences Innovation
    Seattle Children's Hospital uses information as the lifeblood of its hospital and 9 research centers and has earned international recognition for innovative pediatric medical research. The organization has developed an innovative virtual desktop infrastructure to support the information needs of its many users in many different locations. The system reliably delivers accurate information to staff, doctors and researchers anytime, anywhere.
  • Business Innovation
    TSYS, a credit card processing company in Colorado, synthesizes information about cardholders' experiences across all of their services and client-facing websites. The company uses this information to develop and assess the innovative new services it offers to financial institutions and cardholders.
  • Health and Life Sciences Innovation
    A genomics research institute uses genome modeling and sequencing to break down diseases at the molecular level. Each year they generate 4PB of raw data and processed data, all of which is added to their existing data. They search and access this data in real time to develop the information their scientists need to make innovative breakthroughs in the diagnosis and curing of disease.

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Information Is Innovation

Innovation is the source of change, and information inspires it. Innovate intelligently and you will grow your company, and change the world. Innovate With Information.

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) provides information infrastructure, storage solutions and services that help companies innovate with information to make a difference in the world. HDS offers a single, virtualized platform for all data – structured and unstructured – to help organizations store, manage, search and protect their information and big data in the data center and the cloud.